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tapping pioneer

Randy Resnick has played guitar with many blues greats, such as Don 'Sugarcane' Harris and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Taste This Thai Wine

A visit to Thailand with Denise Medrano who chats with charming GranMonte winemaker Nikki Lohitnavy.

Nikki Visootha Lohitnavy is Thailand's only female oenologist. Australian educated and trained, Nikki is the daughter of Sakuna and Visooth Lohitnavy, owner of GranMonte, a vineyard and winery some 160 kilometres from Bangkok on the northwestern edge of the famous Khao Yai National Park.

Christophe Macra, Master of Wine

Lundi 31 janvier 2011 : Vin & Technologies

Envoyez vos questions et vos commentaires sur Twitter @Winefair2011

Christophe Macra, un des rares Master of Wine français, se passionne pour les nouvelles technologies appliquées au monde du vin. Lundi 31 janvier à 18 heures (Paris) il va nous parler de ses deux passions, le vin et Internet et nous expliquer comment les faire se rencontrer.

New Wine Consumer 2011 - We're Back

Coming soon, a brand new series of New Wine Consumer discussions. Guests from all aspects of wine, but also your calls welcome. Look for the announcement in January 2011 about the return of the New Wine Consumer. We've already had some amazing people on NWC, such as the ubiquitous Randall Grahm (Bonny Doon and so much more), Portuguese entrepreneur André Ribeirinho, Burgundy expert 'Burghound' Allen Meadows, the inevitable Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee), Neil Monnens of Wine BlueBook, Tom Cannavan of WIne-Pages.com and TheWineGang.com, Nathalie Schyler (Château Kirwan), Jane Anson (Decanter, NewBordeaux.com), Jamie Goode (WineAnorak.com), Wendy Narby (InsiderTasting.com), Don and Petie Kladstrup (authors of Wine & War, Champagne), François Audouze (Ancient Wine Academy), Wink Lorch (WineTravelGuides.com), Alan Kropf, editor of Mutineer Magazine, Robin Garr (WineLoversPage.com), and folks from WineBizRadio.com, Snooth.com, WineQ.com, TheWineSpies.com, OpenWineConsortium.org, MesVignes.com, Crushpad.com, Solorosawines.com, DirtySouthWines.com, Domaine-Gagnard.com

Customer Perception in the world of Wine

Wine is special: you open a bottle and it can't be put back in stock like the gadgets at Best Buy. We want to talk about how you feel you've been treated by the people from whom you purchase wine. Should you ignore a bad bottle? How about several bad bottles? Is wine quality subjective or can you be certain when something is off? I heard a story recently that makes my hair stand up: how can producers and stores be so ignorant about generating goodwill? How can they also not realize that in this day and age, we consumers talk a lot online and often peer comments are more important than the critic's reviews.

Keep in touch if you have a story to tell from either side of the counter!

The Wine Web on Mobile Screens

newwinetech180 Round table discussion participants

@quaffability John Gavin, web designer

@DeannaLawrence, Strategist Global Digital Media and Emerging Consumer Trends

@cavemanwines Michael Wangbickler, Caveman Wines

@mjgraves Michael Graves, Graves on Soho VoIP

@RovingThruSpain Neil Monnens, Wine BlueBook

Martin Barrett, Cana's Feast Winery


With the ubiquity of Twitter, Facebook and the iPhone (and a growing number of other phones) people are now more likely to click on links and land on a web page using a small-screen browser. My goal is to assemble as many ideas and opinions as possible on the topic of what information is most needed and how to adapt it to the web-capable phone, mp3 player or personal assistant.

  • Stakeholders: anyone using the web to communicate, i.e., everyone.
  • Roles: consultant, designer, site builder, site visitor, site owner.
  • Communication vector: what else? the phone. [numbers]

A few reference bookmarks: http://delicious.com/NewWine

Allen Meadows and New Burghound Book

ameadowsAllen Meadows, aka the Burghound joins us live to talk about his travels and experiences in Burgundy and elsewhere. His new book, "The Pearl of the Côte The Great Wines of Vosne-Romanée" will be out in Spring 2010. Subscribers of Allen's quarterly Burghound Review will be alerted when the book is ready to be ordered. If you are not subscribed, you can ask for a head-ups by entering your name and email at BurghoundBooks.com. We talked about how Allen began his travels to Burgundy and what it was like to approach wine producers and taste their wines, often in barrel. The work involved in tasting and writing notes is considerable. Deciding what parts of the producer notes to publish requires a degree in (or at least some degree of) diplomacy. We spoke about gaining the producers' confidence while retaining credibility.

Burgundy's history is complicated and the geography of the small parcels of land hard to keep track of. Allen's book is about these things in great detail with specially prepared maps, notes on the Vosnes Romanée and neighboring areas. You should listen to this recording if you have any interest in wine criticism, Burgundy or just want to hear a master describe the work he's been doing for decades.

Strange Fruit, the lynching of Murphy-Goode

Congrats to all the people who tried for the M-G gig, you were amazing and it was a hard choice (to me). Our regular guest Hardy Wallace @dirtysouthwine is the apparent choice of Murphy-Goode, so goode going and get dirty!

I did not follow every detail of the campaign, but I did not have the impression at any time that the votes were any more important than the cheers for Lance Armstrong at the sides of the road (or indeed on Twitter nowadays).

I contend that it isn't surprising (or wrong) that people like Leo and Kevin Rose, who had a friendly "I have more Twitter followers than you" contest would be outraged when they learned that it wasn't a vote contest, the votes (again in my perception) were just a way of cheering people on.

I don't mind that this is now old news in the real time social web, because I think some thought needs to be given to the mob mentality and how it may not be right even if a large number of people line up to crack the whip.

Of course there's a lesson in this story, too.

Note: we are on GMT+2, 6 hours later than New York in case your comments take a long time to appear, it may be because we're sleeping.

Here is Martin's original totally cool Tweet "heard round the world"

Martin's totally cool thanks to everyone and congrats etc


And here is what happened next, on Digg: 2295 links, 311 comments


FriendFeed.com search for Murphy-Goode also shows about 300 posts:

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Today, a Google search of Murphy-Goode reveals items 2 and 4 "not so goode".

Google Search July 21st

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