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Vintank Social Media and Wine Report

[audio:http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-11888/TS-216064.mp3|titles=Paul Mabray from Vintank.com]

At 12 Noon EDT (9 AM PDT, 5PM UK) Paul Mabray joins us to discuss a report that has made a big splash. You can download their 80-page PDF free.

Vintank's presse release says:

When we first decided to publish this report, we had no real idea what a task this would be.  Couple that with a brand new business and all the associated challenges, the interactivity with all the organizations, the legal reviews, and just doing our day jobs, we found that completing this report was more than we originally anticipated.  Just as difficult is the speed of which things change - as fast as we’d review, there would be new changes (Facebook fan pages), new features, new companies and new ways to measure.  This paper is by no means the ultimate answer in wine social media nor does it cover every possible strategy or tactic.  However, we hope it offers one of the first real sign posts for our industry to begin to look at traveling down the road of wine social media.  We hope it sparks ideas, conversations, and success for wine companies on the Internet.

We discuss Paul's hair, but also online affinities, influencers, Gary Vaynerchuck the phenomenon and some of the strategies Vintank thinks are winning over consumers. Also chiming in, Hardy from DirtySouthWines, @jfouts, @daveac and many more names I'll insert tomorrow as I am late for dinner!

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