Randy 'Rare' Resnick

tapping pioneer

Randy Resnick has played guitar with many blues greats, such as Don 'Sugarcane' Harris and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Economic Crisis? I Got Yer Crisis Right Here

After four days of interviewing mostly foreign wine producers, I happened upon a stand that was selling Absinthe produced in Provence. I don't wear my badge because it has a tendancy to fall off and I'd have lost it the first day if I hadn't just stuck it in my pocket. When I asked about the Absinthe, the guy looked annoyed, he was discussing the crisis with colleagues and they all agreed, if I didn't have a badge, I could go bother someone else. Go Away Son, Ya Bother Me

Walking away, I happened upon this scene:

Come Taste Our Wines!

Let me see, which is the better commercial approach? D'UH!

Last time I looked, it was 2019 - I’m active on Diaspora: randulo@pluspora.com